Ana Ljubinković  (pronunciation Lyoubinkovich) is a womenswear designer and artist based in Belgrade, Serbia.  She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade, with a degree in Painting. Upon graduation, Ana Ljubinković decided to bring to life the fashion sketches she had made during the course of studies. Her first collection was presented at Belgrade Fashion Week. That moment is considered as the beginning of the Ana Ljubinković label. 


The designer`s thoughtful and well–conceived play with fashion “rules” is strongly evocative of its roots in visual arts. 


Ana Ljubinković has always been an experimenter with fabrics, colors and forms and a maximalist when it comes to shapes and details. The designer`s collections embody all the positives of kitsch: its color, its humor, its play. There is always a central story in her collections – but it`s never clear where it`ll take you. The images she produces are weird, challenging and bewildering – until your eyes adjust to what you are taking in. For a moment, it turns sticky sweet, but then it hits you - Ljubinković`s pieces conjure a mood, an atmosphere of what a perfect, dreamlike world should be like. 


Collections that emerge from this crucible of creativity comfortably embraces both the imaginary and real worlds, as surreal as that sounds.