Jan Švankmajer`s dolls from his short film “Jabberwocky” (1971) + Georges Méliès impossible voyages + Wilchelm Reich`s Cloudbusting machines are Ana Ljubinković`s main source of inspiration for her spring summer 2017 collection. The combination of all of them together produces dolls that are modern Méliès ` cosmic heroines, heading to Orgonon… The result is astonishing: stiff but girlish, uniform-like silhouettes in pastel colours, but with added cartoonish (graphic) sensibility. The clashing sharp and soft lines and forms combined with a great attention to details create a perfect harmony of creative chaos which is a reoccuring theme in Ana Ljubinković`s work. 

The designer presented this collection at Fashion Scout showcase in London, as she was presented with Ones To Watch award in September 2016.

Ana Ljubinković 

spring summer 17

Photographer Miloš Nadaždin

MUA Marko Nikolić

Model Mina Davidovac


Ana Ljubinković / ABO shoes

Kneza Sime Markovića 10

Belgrade, Serbia  MORE>

phone +381 11 32 82 461


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