Ana Ljubinković incorporates prints into her collections that are hand-sketched by the designer herself. This vibrant "Not You" bandana is decorated with beautiful vintage tattoo inspired drawings which really pop against the color of the background. Images such as rose flowers, snakes, bees and other eye catching drawings are scattered all over the scarf. In the center of the bandana you`ll find a portrait of a female with a roaring black jaguar behind her and pair of gentle swans beside her, telling a story about women`s nature - fragile yet so strong. Wear yours "Not You" bandana around your neck, put it in your hair or decorate your favorite bag with it. This bandana comes in 4 different colors and in 2 different sizes (Small and Large) also.

Red NOT YOU Bandana

    • Custom print drawings on the red background with blue borders
    • Lightweight, fluid, wrinkle-resistant, satin fabric with a soft sheen
    • 99% polyester and 1% elastine
    • Hand wash
    • Always check the garment care label for specific care instruction
    • Model is wearing "Not You" red bandana in Large size


Ana Ljubinković / ABO shoes

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phone +381 11 32 82 461


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